The Complete Video Share Solution for Wordpress

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A Complete Video Share Solution

A Complete Video Share Solution

Using All Video Gallery Widget

A widget is something that you might want on your sidebar, such as a category list or the most recent comments. All Video Gallery widget allow you to show the latest, popular, featured and random videos in your site's sidebar. Additionally, you have option to display videos from any particular category.

A Step before adding your Widget

All Video Gallery Widgets are Thumbnail grids of particular Gallery Type (Latest, Popular, Featured and Random Videos). While clicking the Thumbnail, you will be redirected to a page. The page will have a Player with the selected Video and the list of other thumbnails below it. This page is not created automatically and you will have create it manually. So, Before using the widget, consider creating a Page with the following short code.
[allvideogallery profile=1]
The created Page URL should be added in the Custom Page URL field of your Widget Configuration wizard.

Check the steps below to add a Widget to Website's sidebar

1. Login to your WordPress back-end.

2. Select, Appearance -> Widgets.

3. Choose the All Video Gallery Widget and drag it to the sidebar where you wish it to appear.

4. Fill up the form according to the following table.

# Properties Description Example
1. Title Title of the widget. Latest Videos
2. Thumbnail Width Option to control the Thumbnail Width in the Gallery. 145
3. Thumbnail Height Option to control the Thumbnail Height in the Gallery. 80
4. Display Count No of Items to be displayed with the widget. 4
5. Custom ID for the Gallery DIV By Default the player uses avs_gallery as the ID for it's div container. You have option to change the ID using this field. my_galleryid
6. Style the Gallery Use your Own CSS styles to decorate the gallery DIV. ---
7. Custom Page URL Add the Created Custom Page URL here.
8. Category ID ID of the Category. 1
9. Gallery Type Type in which the gallery should be sorted. Latest Videos
10. More Button Enable or Disable More Button at the Bottom of the widget. Yes

5. To save the Widget's customization, click Save.

6. Preview the site. You should find that the new addition is visible.

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